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Cloud Journals offers paper-free compliance solutions for any industry by integrating online appraisal and feedback into professional development systems.

Cloud Journals' predecessor, the Professional Learning eJournal, was created to eliminate the growing mountains of paperwork that teachers and schools needed to stay compliant with Education Regulation Act 2012 and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. eJournals was tailored to meet teachers’ needs by working collaboratively with schools across Australia.

In 2015, the Professional Learning eJournal won the SA iAwards in both of the ‘Education’ and ‘Applications, Tools and Platforms’ categories. It was also a double finalist in the National iAwards.

Cloud Journals boasts all eJournals' tried and tested features, now developed to suit any industry. Access Cloud Journals in-browser from any connected computer, tablet or smart-phone.

Cloud Journals facilitates professional learning and simplifies industry compliance.
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